Protest Vote? I think you are doing it wrong.

2016 was a year in which some major elections had a somewhat unexpected outcome. People who protested with their vote isn’t something new and a normal behaviour in the democratic process. But since Great Britain is about to leave the EU and Donald J. Trump is about to become the leader of the free world, I have some concerns with regard to protest votes.

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Banana Dinner – Part 2 of Comaisland

Suddenly I noticed that the sun flares are deep orange, so it must be around sunset. Which makes some kind of sense since I was on my way home. I know how to act in a city around this time: Everybody is in a rush, there is no sympathy for nobody, everybody wants to have his takeout and to get home. That’s how it works in New York City, in Manhattan, in the concert jungle. But what do I do in an actual jungle?

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Urinals and their interesting relationship with men

There is a lot to say about Urinals which I think hasn´t been said yet. The relationship with men and Urinals is not the simple one most of the women and yes even the men think – it´s not just some kind of sink you are allowed to pee in.

Do I, as a man, even like to use the urinal?

Well, I don’t want to talk for every man on earth, but I’d say for me and most of my gender companions it doesn’t really matter. A good thing about urinals is, that they are quicker in use and reduce the toilette queue to a minimum.

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Falling – Part 1 of Comaisland

I am falling. I am falling trough branches, leaves, blossoms. Everything is green around me. I am falling fast and the earth-colored ground is getting closer. I am in some kind of free fall towards a place I don’t know. My view changes as fast as I blink. Brown – the ground. Dark green – the leaves. Light green – the treetops. Sky-blue – the sky.

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